Getting first responders back to safety

Pathfinder is the only hardware and software product that enables first responders to navigate smoke-filled buildings.

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"I feel the strengths of Pathfinder lie in the ease with which it can be integrated into already established search procedures"

by Peter Van Dorpe, Fire Chief, Algonquin-Lake in the Hills, Fire Protection District, USA

"Knowing their location would be an incredible leap forward in being able to account for the safety of those crews"

by Mr. Dane Carley, Battalion Chief, Fargo Fire Department, USA

Pathfinder is a hardware
and software solution

The innovation involves firefighters “land marking” their route with breadcrumbs to effectively leave a trail to follow on the way out, similar to the approach taken in the fairytale story of "Hansel & Gretel".

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"Pathfinder has excellent practical application for QFES firefighters, I believe that it can ultimately save lives"

by Ms Michelle Young, Chief Superintendent, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Australia


Martin Trainor
Conor Brennan
Derek Molloy
George Galbraith
Dominic Logan
Joris Vreeke
Pengcheng Liu
Ian Kelly
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Pathfinder - search and rescue way-finder system.

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Pathfinder - search and rescue way-finder system.

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